12 Stylish Kitchen Ideas With Fashionable Hexagon Tile

Transitional Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tile
Transitional Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tile By Gonterman Construction

Fashionable and aesthetic, hexagonal tiles are pieces that increase kitchen decor to the next level. Bringing beautiful geo flair, these artful pieces offer unlimited mounting patterns to create a unique kitchen look. Not only designed for floor space, some are even more captivating than the rows of wall art that adorn the vertical space. Yup! Say goodbye to a stuffy backsplash tile, create a simple yet elegant pattern using decorative hexagon tile. Do you need some ideas to create your own? Here are 12 stylish kitchens with a beauty of hexagon tiles filling around it.

Unique Floor Hexagon TileTwo-tone Hexagon TileTransitional Hexagon Kitchen Floor TileKitchen Hexagon Tile Accent WallsKitchen Hexagon Floor TilesElongated Hexagon TileElongated Hexagon Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Hexagonal Backsplash Tiles

In any kitchen, a backsplash is essential, but let’s not look at it functionally. Actually, you can create a backsplash that elevates kitchen decor. By pairing the appropriate pattern and tone, you are even more likely to gain additional charming focal points. One that is currently popular is pairing hexagon tiles to make the room look sophisticated.

Two-tone Hexagon Tile
Monochrome Two-tone Hexagon Tile By Thomas Landemaine Architectes

Elongated Hexagon Tile

Kitchen Hexagon Tile Backsplash
Mutiple size kitchen hexagon tile backsplash [ by Trevor Brown Architect ]
Elongated Hexagon Tile Kitchen Backsplash
By Rue Magazine

Hexagon Tile Kitchen Floor

Feeling stuck with the checkered floor tiles? Well! maybe it’s time to move to a hexagon tile. By using it, there are more patterns to make and more tones to combine. That means there is more opportunity to get a unique kitchen view.

Unique Floor Hexagon Tile
Unique Floor Hexagon Tile By Haus Concrete Surfaces
Kitchen Hexagon Floor Tiles
By Amberth

Complementing two-tone kitchen cabinets, you can make similar tone transition settings or even contrast with the overall kitchen theme. On the other hand, it will create a perfect theme when you generalize the setting of floor tiles with something used for backsplash.

By Bethell Projects
Kitchen Floor Hexagon Tile
Transitional Hexagon Floor Tiles [ By SuzAnn Kletzien Design ]
By Stefani Stein

Sophisticated Accent Walls

Not only limited to the floor and backsplash, hexagon tile is an artful piece that’s also interesting to be used as wall accents or wall art. Optimizing the sophisticated sense that exists in the hexagon shape, you can create unique modern artwork.¬†¬†Moreover, there are tons of basic material options that allow you to create something different. Yup! Create a shiny accent wall using metal materials or futuristic wall art in the kitchen, raise your kitchen appearance to the next level.

Hexagonal Metal Backsplash Tiles By ALLOY Solid Metal Tiles
Kitchen Hexagon Tile Accent Walls
By Hammond Design
By Surfside Projects LLC