10 Black Jeans Outfit Ideas For Women

What to wear with black jeans?

Black Jeans Outfits Ideas

Almost everyone uses black jean – including you and me -, but most of us don’t necessarily know what to wear with black jean. Often, we only do the easiest to mix and match with a t-shirt or crew-neck that tends to be casual, whereas black jean should be the most versatile piece you have that can turn into a formal form, even used for work. That’s why this time we show 18 black jeans outfit ideas for every occasions.

1Black Jeans + White Piped Pajamas

Casual Black Jeans Outfits

Black and white is not something new but it also never looks outdated. Instead, it can be your way to still look fashionable, even though what you wear is just a simple piped pajama top with black jean and leather boots.


2Black Jeans + Brown Cord Jacket

What to wear with black jeans

Maybe you’ve heard some people say “never pair black with brown”. Actually we also heard it, they said black and brown would only be seen to collide and pile up. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to everything but it depends on what you combine. Like black jean and brown cord jacket that still looks elegant and warm in the middle of a rainy fall.

3Black Jeans + Tank Tops

Black Jeans Outfits Summer

The fastest way to go stylishly in the summer, black jeans with a spaghetti strap tank top and fancy leopard pattern flat shoes.

4Black Jeans + Sleeveless Band Tee

Black Jeans Outfits Band Shirt

Look more confident with ripped black jeans and band tees when going to concerts or just hanging night-out with friends.

5Black Jeans + Velvet Blazer

Black Jeans Outfits For Work

Using black jeans to the office, why not? With black jean, there are unlimited choices for tops. But you also have to pay attention to how it still looks professional even though what you are wearing is casual outfits. You can add a blazer tops or other semi-formal outer. Velvet bags that match the blazer colors turn your suit into the perfect fit for work wear.

6All-Black Look

Black Jeans Outfits

Black for fashion never looks outdated. It doesn’t stand out in a crowd but also advises people to see your personality. See how these black jean suits and black off-shoulder tops make an eye-catching all-black look . It’s okay to show your pretty shoulders a bit, anyway black can match any skin color.

7One Shoulders + Black Jeans

One Shoulder Black Jeans Outfits

Look elegant with black jean and a one-shoulder crop top in black when going to parties.

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8All-Denim Look

Black Jeans + Denim Jacket + White Sneakers is a must for your fashion items

9Black Jeans + Ethnic Loose Tops

Black Jeans Outfits

Black jeans and patterned loose tank tops are modest but alluring campus outfits. Via : Instagram

10Black Jeans + Long Sleeve Patterned Shirt

Black Jeans Outfits

Gray leopard print tops and black jeans create an elegant classic looks. Monochromatic tones that look warm, modern tend to be futuristic. A combination of classic tones that are just right for your winter / fall.