18 Breakfast Nook Ideas For A Pleasant Morning

Vintage Breakfast Nook Ideas

Not everyone does breakfast, but most of us usually need space for a pleasant morning and set the mood before then activity. That’s why we have brought these 20 breakfast nook ideas as a good place to start your day. Check out how it can be a fun place for a cup of coffee, surfing the internet, or just having a conversation while brunching.

1Black and White

Monochrome Breakfast Nook Ideas

Black and white is a combination that creates a classic, timeless and peaceful look. Soothing tone and especially suitable for those of you who need more time to fully awake. Via: Instagram

2Coastal Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

Modern Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Ideas

The combination of how warm the rustic style and how inviting the coastal style, creates a comfortable breakfast corner yet a calm ambiance to arouse the mood or calm it when you feel anxiety.


Rattan Breakfast Nook Ideas

Sleek, relaxed and lightweight, rattan will fit perfectly into the character of the breakfast nook which tends to be informal, bringing in the warm and breezy tropical space feel.

4Light & Airy

Breakfast Nook

Bringing the outside in is another way to create a light and airy ambiance. With the window wall continuing the warm morning sun, the breakfast nook becomes a spot that in the end is not only for breakfast, but also affects your body and mind.


Industrial Style Breakfast Nook Ideas

Built to resemble the structure of a greenhouse with walls and a roof made primarily of transparent material, these breakfast nook is a pleasant place to open as many eyes as possible to see the world after a night of closing your eyes.

6Italian Style

Italian Style Breakfast Nook Ideas

Graceful and majestic, Italian design and style can always be exciting, uplifting and moody. Via:Instagram

7Eclectic Breakfast Nook Bench

Eclectic Breakfast Nook With Bench Seating

Diverse design and style sources, an eclectic angle design inspires many things in the morning which will be good for maintaining your creativity throughout the day.

8Modern Country Cottage Breakfast Nook

Modern Country Cottage Kitchen Breakfast Nook Ideas

A spot with a modern look but you can feel the cool breeze of the countryside. A bit nostalgic, and comfortable to have a casual conversation while having breakfast. Via: Instagram

9Off-White Breakfast Nook Bench

Off White Breakfast Nook Conversation Bench Ideas

As beautiful as the coastal sand, the ivory white takes you to an atmosphere where calm and spaciousness are. In d├ęcor, it makes it easy for you to add tones, even when you choose bright colors. Via: Instagram

10Small Size

Small Breakfast Nook Ideas For Two

Sometimes a small corner in the kitchen is more fun than the rest of the kitchen.

11Modern Retro Booth

Retro-Style Breakfast Nook Ideas

Reviving the old style in the new furniture medium sometimes works well to add charm and character.

12Rustic Breakfast Nook

Rustic Breakfast Nook Ideas

Style that tends to be modest, simple but classy. Built from reclaimed pieces of wood, the rustic breakfast nook is more about how to make a statement. A warm place to enjoy lattes in the morning and hang out with friends.

13Boho Chic Breakfast Nook Ideas

Boho Breakfast Nook Ideas

It is good to let the paint peel. When your breakfast corner furniture is adjusted, it can be a dazzling bohemian style complete with brick kitchen wall decor.

14Outside Tones

Natural tones, green leaves and earthy wood colors provoke our minds to be more open and feel the feeling of freshness in the morning.

15Ancient Architecture

Inspired by the unique architecture of antiquity, a fully wooden breakfast corner becomes a unique place for every warm conversation. With glass walls facing the hills, it’s not only perfect for morning activities but also relax watching the sun set in the afternoon. A good meditation spaces.

16Swanky Boho Breakfast Nook

Magnificent little corners with leather saddle benches, gold lighting equipment and backrests hanging, who can resist to take a selfie at this instagramable spot in your home?

17Simple Striped

The cute combination of earthy wood color and striped pattern creates a simple impression in the breakfast nook which is only meant for two. Via: Instagram

18Scandinavian Style

Minimalist and tends to be neat, interesting spots to hang out and talk about amazing ideas. Via: Instagram