Living Room WIth Brown Couches

Brown sofa – especially one with dark brown tones is the best practical thing for the living room. Yes! Dark chocolate is most forgiving when it comes to dirt and stains, making it a smart choice for those of us who have active families. On the other hand, chocolate couch is not something boring. Find 12 ideas on how to decorate your living room with a brown sofa.

Open Living Space

In an open living room that tends to feel airy, a brown recliner sofa and exposed wall brick are the right choice to add warmth, naturalness, but can also be sophisticated.

Living Room Brown Couch
by David Butler Photography

Vintage Scene

Bring the feeling of nostalgia into the room by presenting something retro that comes from the past. Yes it can be a teak console table or lawson brown sofa that is served together with a contemporary glass coffee table. Vinyl, which is framed, is a fun addition to the theme that is carried.

Eclectic Living Room Brown Couch
By Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Go With Blue

Back in the 70s where all of the good ones used blue and brown, why not bring the atmosphere to your modern living room? A brown sectional sofa with blue pillows as accents, sputnik lamps and a typical blue 70’s wall accent will show you something adorable.

Living Room Brown Couch
By amanda nisbet

Mid Century Modern


Living Room Brown Couch
West Elm UK

Fascinating Futon

Organizing your living room as a place where you relax spending free time, a brown futon sofa can accommodate you comfortably. Open bricks as accent walls and industrial wall shelves are a complement that makes the room well organized.

Living Room Brown Couch Tufted
Art Home Garden

Natural Nuances

A brown L-shaped tuxedo sofa with green accents presents a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. Additional plant ornaments on the coffee table tray complete the decor so that the outdoor vibrations are felt even more. Yes! bring the outside in so that the room looks more natural and more spacious.

Transitional Living Room Brown Couch
Shelter Interiors LLC

Spacious Sectional

In some homes, large seating is a necessity. If you are the one who experienced it, then the sectional sofa is definitely the most appropriate to choose from.

Living Room With Brown Sectional Couch
Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath

Bisque Brown

In a monochrome space, something with character will stand out. Keeping a brown bisque sofa that is feminine in fact will provide a new focal point for decorating.

Living Room Brown Sofa

Chocolate Chesterfield

Brown chesterfield sofas is earthy, masculine, and elegant, which is often represented by upper class society.

Living Room Brown CHesterfield Sofa
Leib Designs

Right Arm Loveseat

Living Room Brown Sofa
Posh Exclusive Interiors

Tuxedo Taste

Living ROom Brown SOfa
West Elm UK

Earthy England

Modern Minimalist

Living Room Brown Couch
Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy

Orange Brown

Living Room Brown Sofa
lauren haskett fine design