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Not everyone is a breakfast person, but the cozy breakfast nook can always be the perfect place to start your beautiful days, enjoy a cup of coffee or just wake up the mood before you go on as usual. Whether it’s a simple bench, a breakfast bar, or a small round table with 2 chairs, find the right design and style so that the breakfast nook can be a place where you can have fun.¬†Today, we present 25 classy breakfast nook ideas that can be adjusted to the room left in the corner or near the kitchen room.¬†Without having to provide extra space, some of which can even be a pleasant dining room alternatives.

Vintage and Vogue

Wrapped in pastel tones, added chairs with tapered legs, and pendant lamps that bring the typical atmosphere of the 70s, the idea of the following breakfast angles brings valuable nostalgic feelings from the past. The vintage trend that has re-emerged in the past few years has made it even loose from the old-fashioned look.

Breakfast Nook Ideas
by north design

Small-Size Sincere

Small does not mean to be limited. Instead, take advantage of the remaining space in the kitchen niche to bring positive vibes to improve your mood every morning. You don’t need anything fancy, you just need a bench with a small table under a glass window that continues the sunshine that warms your body before you do your activities.

Breakfast Nook Ideas
source: digsdigs

Farmhouse Breakfast Booth Nook Ideas

Offering a more comfortable sitting room, breakfast booth can be effective for the family kitchen. Gather, eat and chat like you are in the dining room, you don’t even have to spend your time and money building a dining room.

Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas
by Coco Design &Build co

Stylish Scandinavian Nook

Minimalist, simple, and tend to be more functional, the following Scandinavian-style breakfast nooks will suit you who have a busy morning routine but want to take the time to have breakfast.

Retro Style Brekfast Nook Ideas
source: larina kase interior design

Let The Sunshine In

Prepare a niche not only for breakfast but also as a pathway for sunshine so your kitchen will be healthier. A built-in bench that is adjusted to the size of a niche and a simple desk is a convenient place to start your day, enjoy a glass of latte or even do work.

breakfast nook ideas
by RW anderson homes

Galley Kitchen Nook

Placing breakfast nook, whether in the culinary or in the entrance of a galley kitchen provides an opportunity for your family to pull a chair and help or just accompany you while doing preparatory work. While in a large kitchen you can use a kitchen island, in the galley kitchen you can simply use the breakfast nook as an alternative.

Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas
by transitional kitchen

Pop Up Photogenic

In fact, your morning mood will greatly affect productivity. So create a breakfast nook that is not only comfortable but can also arouse your creativity. No need for luxury, you just need to embed photogenic pop colors in a simple niche to stimulate your eyes and imagination.

Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas
by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Eclectic Environtment

Mixing colors, styles, and funky designs from many eras and countries, the eclectic breakfast nook can be an endless source of inspiration so you can always come up with fresh ideas every morning.

cozy breakfast nook ideas
by home design & decor magazine

Luxury Lucite

Create a relaxed atmosphere by presenting a coastal theme – a two-tone breakfast bench with masculine white and blue wrapping. Complete it with a little touch of luxury from Lucite furniture that makes sense for less visual clutter to also carry tons of light so that your kitchen niche doesn’t seem stuffy.

Modern Breakfast Nook Ideas
by yellow bungalow

Eclectic Breakfast Nook Ideas

Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas
by NEST studio photo pablo enriquez

Breakfast Nook Bar

Ok, maybe not everyone has a lot of space available even to store a set of benches and tables. But every kitchen has vertical space and that is your chance to decide what is best that suits your needs. Instead of using it to store wall art, you can also install a breakfast bar which will certainly be more useful.

Breakfast Nook Bar Ideas
by sarah fortescue

Transitional Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook Ideas
by eva quateman

Modern Rustic Nook

Set amongst natural beauty, earthy wood colors, and modern straight lines, the following breakfast angles offer warmth to the room which finally makes the room elegant. Designed to follow the most sitting room in the cafe, making it perfect not only for breakfast but also for killing time – having a conversation with your partner.

Modern rustic Breakfast Nook Ideas
by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Coastal Window Bay Breakfast Nook Ideas


Coastal Breakfast Nook Ideas
by dimauro architects