12 Space Saving Desks for Small Spaces

Space Saving Desks For Small Spaces

There are times when you need a home office but you don’t have enough space to make a separate room. These 12 desks for small spaces are a great way to get out of the issue you are facing. They are perfectly in the corner of the room, under the loft beds, even allowing you to optimize the odd nook efficiently. Saving the space, double the function.

Svalnas Small Desk With Drawers

Wall Mounted Desk For Small Spaces

Svalnas are made by IKEA, offered with bamboo base material which is known to be stronger and more flexible than most wood. The desk itself is only 80cm long and 35cm high, but you can also add an open shelf that is sold separately. The Svalnas desk features drawers to make it easier for you to store computer accessories.

Flatframe – Minimalist Fold Down Desk

Modern Fold Down Desk For Small Spaces

Small in size and flat when the surface is folded, Flatframe can be used to fill empty wall space in any room. Yes! it’s so easy to adjust to your needs, and it’s easy enough to occupy hard spaces though.

Ladder Desk

Ladde Desk For Small Spaces

These are desks for small spaces and shelves that are built in one ladder-shaped piece so that it doesn’t take up much floor space and is quite easy to place, even when it is used to make use of the corner space.

Windows Bay Floating Desk

Floating Desk For Small Spaces

Don’t think of a window bay as an odd space, instead it’s your chance to fill it with the furniture you need. Like Pause design that utilizes a niche window as a workspace by adding a simple floating desk that fits the size of the available niche space.


Portable Railing Desk

Movable Railing Desk For Small Spaces

Really find it hard to get a free spot? Look at the part where you find the rail and use it as a flexible, portable desk stand. This is easy to pair as well as it is removed so you don’t need to worry about a desk seen filling the room.

Lucite Writing Desks for Small Spaces

Acrylic Desk For Small Spaces

No matter how big the lucite desk, its transparent character allows it to be invisible. This is an efficient desks for small spaces without disturbing too much, but on the other hand it requires you to keep things organized because anything above or below will be clearly visible.

Foldable Desk with Hutch

Folding Desk With Hutch


The additional hutch that when closed turns into a hidden storage is a potential space to organize all your needs. When not in use, this folding desk allows you to get better space to move.

Modern Corner Desk

Modern Corner Desk For Small Spaces

Not only is it futuristic in shape, its brilliant design also optimizes corner walls that are often challenging. With the hutch and lighting feature, you just need a simple surface to support your stationery or laptop and start working.

a Mini Alcove Desk

White Mini Desk For Small Spaces

Besides saving space, using an alcove as a workspace can be a way to reduce distractions, creating your own personal creative space. Although it might be limited, an alcove home office is a good place to get some work done. Make a few adjustments, add ergonomic office chairs and provide enough light to turn it into a perfect workplace.


Nordic Style Desk

Nordic Desk For Small Spaces

At first, most people might be attracted by its simplicity and cleanliness. Eventually, you will realize that it is not always about that but they also come to solve anything you face in decorating, including when you lack space for a home office. Like this Nordic style desk that comes with unique edges, it solves the problem of space while enhancing decor.

Riser Desk for Small Spaces

Whatever you do, whether it is writing, coding, or just web surfing, sitting for long to do it is not a good thing. Choosing a riser desk is an alternative so you can do all of that while standing. Its compact and portable form also allows you to use any desk, no exception!

Mid Century Desk with Hidden Storage Tray

50's Style Desk For Small Spaces

Inspired by 50’s furniture design doesn’t make it look outdated. On the contrary, its simple form, organic influence, and high functionality emit positive vibrations to small offices. With a hidden tray for storing laptops, this desk doesn’t look like a work desk at all. But when the tray is opened, you can still work to complete your task comfortably.