People often mistakenly assume that decorating a dining room is just about preparing an adequate set of dining tables. Well, that might be essential, but presenting a comfortable dining atmosphere is just as important. One of the best ways for that is to present the dining room lights. Aside from being lighting equipment, the dining room lights are the focal point of making statements and also the tone maker which can change the dining atmosphere exactly as you wish. Here are 12 classy dining room lights.

Sputnik LED Chandeliers

This is cool, modern and unique. With a series of LED lamp branches extending from the center, LED sputnik chandeliers will fit you who want to present a modern tone in the dining room.

Sputnik Dining Room CHandeliers
b+g design inc.

Elegant Empire Chandeliers

In contrast to the Sputnik chandeliers, the empire design looks more traditional but is magnificent and graceful.

Empire Dining Room CHandeliers

Rustic Rectangular Chandeliers

Since rustic style has become so popular, why not enter rustic rectangular chandeliers into the dining room. it will even fit the modern style.

Rectangular Dining Room Chandeliers

Romantic Red

When most choose clear crystals, you can try using other colors to make them look different. Red is a suitable color while adding a romantic impression.

Red Crystal Dining Room Chandeliers
Cohen Construction Inc.

Wagon Wheel

Pairing the lighting around the wagon wheel makes the light radiate evenly across the entire dining table surface.

Wagon Wheel Dining Room Chandeliers
Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

Mid Century Modern


Mid Century Dining Room Chandeliers
Webber + Studio, Architects

Track Lighting


Track Lighting Dining Room Chandeliers
CID Interieur

Crystal Clear


Crystal Dining Room CHandeliers
AM Dolce Vita

Golden Brass

Contemporary Dining Room Chandeliers
Wolf & Wing Interior Design

Candle-style Chandeliers

Candle-Style Dining Room Chandeliers
Kathleen Burke Design

Crystal Cluster Pendant Light

Cluster Crystal Pendant Chandeliers
David Bucovy Architect

Drum Shades

Drum Shade Dining Room Chandeliers
Hunter and Company Interior Design


Globe Dining Room Chandeliers
Jodie Cooper Design


Waterfall Dining Room Chandeliers
EJ Interior Design, Eugenia Jesberg

Farmhouse Rectangular Chandeliers

Farmhouse Dining Room Chandeliers
Timberidge Custom Homes