10 Clever IKEA Hacking Ideas for Kitchen

IKEA Kitchen Hacks - Ourel

Hacking IKEA is not a new trend, but until now it could be a way to cheaper, more functional, and most important furniture to suit your needs. Check out how some of these DIY-er hacked IKEA furniture for kitchen. At a glance, we didn’t even realize that it was the same item we had and we used it everyday.

IKEA Rast Potato Bin

IKEA Kitchen Hacks - Rast Potato Bin

Save around $ 50 for a vegetable and potato bins which usually sells for $ 100 on Amazon. Do a little hacking at IKEA Rast and get a vegetable bin that is cheaper and unique. Here’s how to do it!

IKEA Bed Slats Wall Hanger

IKEA Kitchen Hacks - Bed SLat Wall Hanger

Lack of budget for kitchen organizer? You can copy ichdesigner.com to repurpose IKEA bed slats as a wall hanger. Save more and load more. You can use it to store kitchen utensils to hang herbs. That can be the perfect way to keep your kitchen organized and look decorative all the time.

Billy Bookcase Kitchen Island

Billy Bookcase Kitchen Island IKEA Hacks

At first glance, you might not think that this is a bookcase. It even looks like a kitchen island that is luxurious and functional. Do you know? This is a billy bookcase from IKEA that was hacked by Goldenboysandme into a kitchen island with a storage area. Goldenboysandme spent about $ 570 to hack the IKEA billy bookcase into a kitchen island with a look and features that you might only get when you spend $ 1000 on the market. That’s more economical right?

IKEA Rast Wine Cart

IKEA Kitchen Hack Rast Bar Cart

Korken Jar Spice Rack

IKEA Kitchen Hacks korken Jar for Spice Rack

Kallax Portable Kitchen Island Cart

IKEA Kitchen Hacks Kallax Kitchen Island

IKEA kallax is not an ordinary shelf storage. It’s versatile and can be hacked into anything as needed. Yep! it can turn into a work table, window bench, or even a kitchen island. Not just an ordinary kitchen island, jenloumeredith.com hacked kallax into a portable kitchen island that is functional, flexible and stylish.

Fintrop Rails & Holder For Kitchen Indoor Herbs Garden

Fintrop Rails & Holder IKEA Hacks Indoor Herbs Garden

IKEA Copper Barn Light for Kitchen Island

IKEA Copper Barn Light - IKEA Hacks

Finnvard Kitchen Island with Storage Legs

IKEA hack Finnvard Kitchen Island with Storage Legs

IKEA Kallax Rolling Bar Cart

IKEA Hacks - Kallax Rolling Bar Cart



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