5 Ingenious Murphy Beds with Desk

We actually agree that bedrooms should be exclusively used for sleeping. But when you short on space to create a separate home office, these 5 ingenious murphy beds with desks can be the best way to get out of the issue.

Modern Murphy Bed Cabinet with Desk

A cabinet with a genius writing desk that can be shifted to transform into a twin size bed. This murphy bed is the perfect solution for teen or guest bedrooms which are usually designed smaller than the main bedroom.

Murphy Beds with Desk

Space-Savvy Murphy Bed With Desk

It functions as a work desk during the day, and turns into a platform bed at night. This murphy bed cabinet with desk is a piece that can streamline placement in your apartment studio. No one would have thought that it was a bed until it was completely opened.

Murphy Bed with Desk

Kaliboard By Clei

Intentionally designed low so that it does not take up much floor space or vertical space, a Kaliboard which if closed is shaped like a dresser is a practical way to double any room into a bedroom, also a workspace.

Low Murphy Beds with Desk

Fitted Murphy Bed

Whether it’s Murphy beds or loft beds, both are optimizing vertical space and a great space saver. But there are things that don’t need to happen when using a murphy bed; visual clutter. While the loft bed allows more surfaces to be opened, the murphy bed hides more of the surface and it will make the bedroom look neat, while also feeling more spacious.

Murphy Bed with Desk

Nocturne Murphy Beds with Desk

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Nocturne Murphy Beds with Desk