Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Hoffman & Swinburne

Sure, we agree that a great kitchen backsplash should protect the wall well from spills and splashes, but choose only based on usability and let go of the opportunity to get one of the unlimited possibilities of a backsplash that can refresh the kitchen is an unfortunate thing. Since the kitchen backsplash is categorized as the main design element, it is no longer as simple as painting the walls in the cooking area.

Today, there are many traditional and non-traditional tiles that you can use to protect while beautifying kitchen decor. Ranging from natural rocks, trendy glass to reclaimed wood that accentuates the rustic side, here are 15 trendy kitchen backsplash ideas to decorate the vertical part of your kitchen.

Morrocan Kitchen Backsplash

Artsy and crafty, aside from being a long-lasting background for the occasional spark of food preparation, Moroccan tiles are the right thing to make a statement and to show off a unique design eye.

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Noelle Interiors

Monochrome Glass Sheet Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Shiny, elegant and low maintenance, monochrome themed glass backsplash is all about style and ease.

Monochrome Glass Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Key Piece

Beachy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Bring a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to your kitchen by installing a coastal themed backsplash.

Beach Style Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Rachel Reider Interiors

Herringbone Subway Tiles Backsplash

Bored with regular patterns, move to the next level with a more difficult but fun pattern. The herringbone pattern is something that describes strength as well as totality and professionalism for decorating space.

Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by sarah richardson

Tiny Subway Tiles Regular Pattern

Classic but unique, tiny subway tiles are the best way to maintain authenticity in a different way.

Mini Subway Tiles Kitchen Backsplash
by Design First Interiors

Modern Hexagonal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Hexagonal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Trevor Brown

Wood Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Wood Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Be Inspired Kitchens

Elegant Natural Stone Slabs

Natural Stone Slab Backsplash Kitchen Ideas
by Original Style

Patchwork Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Patchwork Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Jordan Design-Build Group

Blue Tapestry Patchwork Backsplash Tiles

Blue Tapestry Patchwork Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
By Original Style

Exposed Brick Backsplash

Exposed Brick Kitchen Backplash Ideas
by Ultimate Remodel

Scale Fish Backsplash

Fish Scale Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Toledo Geller

Luxury Gold Subway Tiles Backsplash

Gold SUbway Tiles Elegant Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Yvette Philips Interior Design

Geometrical Backsplash Tiles

Moroccan Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
source : pinterest
White Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by home adore
Metal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
by Gleicher Design – Architecture & Interiors