15 Fresh & Beautiful Kitchen Herbs Garden Ideas

What is enlivening dishes like fresh herbs? Even professional chefs will always ensure fresh herbs for more delicious dishes. And, the best way to get it is to grow it right in your kitchen. Yep! Create a kitchen herb garden for more and more benefits, both functional and aesthetic appeal. In fact, the kitchen herb garden is not only a guarantee that you have an adequate supply of spices all around the year, it can also be a decorative piece that beautifies the kitchen with cool, fresh green tones. Well! Here is a review of how to grow a kitchen herb garden. Check out ways, tips and some placement ideas for making a well-grown kitchen herb garden that also looks beautiful.

What to Plant?

Here are 10 fresh herbs and plants you can grow that are great to have handy in the kitchen:


Basil can be one way to make your Italian dishes taste authentic. Yep! often a feature of pizza, salad or pesto, its distinctive aroma makes every dish taste better. Basil also has antioxidant benefits for health.


Has a mild aroma and flavor of onions, you can use chive on any dish. This is one type that should be available in culinary herb gardens.


Oregano is the most common herb for American and Italian cuisine which is popular as a paste and pizza seasoning. Oregano leaves also release distilled oil which is used as an effective drug for digestive disorders, respiratory diseases, skin conditions, and fungal infections.


Like the oregano which is a mint family, Rosemary has a very pleasant aroma and with a strong astringent taste, making it an excellent choice for filling chicken, turkey, and lamb. This is increasingly popular in authentic Mediterranean cuisine where it is usually roasted with vegetables and meat.


Sage is an aromatic herb that is good for meat, sauces and seasoned vegetables. But be careful because wisely will have a tendency to beat other tastes. Sage also helps relieve sores, inflammation and helps with memory problems. It was once considered a cure for all. Sage is an herb that is easy to grow and relatively easy to treat.


Thyme is very popular in Italian, Mediterranean and French cuisine and is often paired with other seasonings such as parsley and garlic to increase the complexity of the taste. This herb is a source of antioxidants such as vitamin A which is very important for eye health and skin. It also consists of anti-biotic and antiseptic properties that help fight allergies, coughs and colds.


Parsley is a biennial herb that grows in two different forms – flat leaves and curved moss. The latter is popularly used for decoration considering how it produces curved leaf rosettes whereas the previous type has flat leaves and is preferred for cooking because it releases more flavor.


Mint refreshes the breath and soothes your stomach. Mint leaves are perfect for making drinks even more refreshing. But, choose a container when planting to limit it to quickly spread and take over your garden which has limited space.


Also known as coriander, cilantro is the most common and popular herb consumed throughout the world. This herb is great for salads, salsa, vegetables and meat-based dishes. It is native to various regions spanning from North Africa and Southern Europe to Southwest Asia.

10Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant, which means it has a high water content. The good news is that it can withstand drought well, so we don’t need to worry about watering it often. The disadvantage is not handling cold weather well. The water in the factory froze and killed it.

4 Ways to Grow Indoor Herbs Garden:

There are many ways depending on how you start. Do you prefer to start from seeds, nurseries, or even from cutting? Find 4 ways to do it here >> 4 ways to grow indoor kitchen herbs garden

15 Kitchen Herbs Garden Ideas:

One pot

Focus on one place. But be careful when choosing herbs because not all of them can be put together. See how Rachel from This Lovely Little Farmhouse plants herbs in just one pot.

Framed Hanging Herbs

Kitchen Herbs Garden Ideas

This versatile framed hanging planter makes a great addition to any room. Set it up by the window or hang it on the wall. Freshen up a kitchen, bathroom or living area. These planters are designed to hold any kind of small plant including air plants, succulents, and aromatic herbs. To buy: Etsy.com, $73

Bookshelf Herbs Garden

Kitchen Herbs Garden Ideas

Turn your used bookshelves into a spice plant container like Grillo design has done for remodelaholic.com. Interested in doing it? Find the complete steps here!

Pegboard Garden

Pegboard Kitchen Herbs Vertical Garden

Copy the way Lisa Freedman from thekitcn.com uses pegboard for vertical growers. You can use the $10 pegboard from amazon.com as a space-saving planter that can also show decorative gardening tools.

Vertical Planter Box

Vertical Planter Kitchen Herbs Garden

Running out of floor space doesn’t mean you have to despair of a kitchen herb garden. There are many ways to do it, you can use your window, or your wall by using the following row of vertical planter boxes. Let’s check!

Hydroponic Herb Planters

Hydroponic Kitchen Herbs Garden Ideas

Have you ever heard of the wick hydroponic system? That is one of the passive hydroponic systems with an axis to connect nutrients from containers to the growing media. That is a practical way, with no moving parts, suitable for beginners, and most importantly it is cleaner and takes less space. Here is a starter kit that you can buy on Amazon.com.

IKEA Cart Herbs Garden

IKEA Cart Kitchen Herbs Garden

Shoe Holder Garden

Hanging Shoe Holder Kitchen Herbs Garden

There is no room to store pots and not enough budget to buy a starter kit? It does not matter! You can use a used hanging shoe holder as a space-saving container. Show your DIY talent and creativity, follow the steps at prettyplainjanes.com

Pixel Garden Desktop

Kitchen Herbs Garden Ideas

Practical, easy and space-saving, this desktop pixel garden, $39 can be a good start for beginners to grow a kitchen herb plant.

Mug Herb Garden

Mugs Kitchen Herbs Garden

Show your decorative patterned mug more functionally using it as a container for herbs. Choose your favorite decorative mug on amazon.com

Pallet Table Top Herbs Garden

Table Tops Pallet Kitchen Herbs Garden

This method can get you closer to the pleasant aroma of kitchen spices. Check out how  makeit-loveit.com makes table tops from old pallets and jars so that your fresh herbs can be moved to where they should be. It’s perfect for beautifying your breakfast corner or kitchen island.

Belted Hanging Herbs

Indoor Kitchen Herbs Garden

Use herbs as a decorative display to enliven the kitchen wall. You can get similar pots here!

Legged Basket Planters

Legged Baskets Indoor Kitchen Herbs Garden

Want to look a little different from the others? Try the fallfordiy way to make container herbs using a basket with extra legs. Looks more tropical and unforgettable.

Windows Hanging Garden

Windows Hanging Kitchen Herbs Garden

Easily build this hanging herb garden in your kitchen window with wooden rods and curtain rings. You’ll love having your herbs readily available for recipes!

Get the tutorial at The Bird and Her Song.

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Re-purposed Ladder Herbs Garden

Ladder Kitchen Herbs Garden

re-purposed used ladder as a unique and catchy place to store a series of pots vertically, without having to spend space, and also almost every home we believe has a used ladder to use. Interested? Check out the way here: psimadethis