12 Lustrous Lighting For Bathroom Vanity


Just working well to light up the room isn’t enough to make it count as something great. Supposedly, bathroom vanity lighting can blend into the entire decor and be your chance to be creative show character or make statements. So, how should you choose lighting for bathroom vanity? Follow these 12 bathroom vanity lighting ideas and draw conclusions that fit your bathroom.

Side-By-Side Lantern Sconces

Placing two sconces side by side is just something extraordinary for better lighting. Plus, the equipment installed was a glass pendant lamp that emitted a warm white tone. More than just illuminating, this lantern sconces are perfect for creating a pleasant bathroom atmosphere.

Side-by-side sconces lighting for bathroom vanity

Industrial Style One Fixtures Lighting

Okay, for great lighting the first option is the best. But not every bathroom has enough wall space for it. When you face the same issue, it never hurts to use a light fixture above your vanity mirror. Although sometimes that’s not optimal because it leaves a shadow, a fixture that supports the bathroom theme will help a lot in decorating.

Industrial Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Outline Mirror LED Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Outline LED Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Side By Side Hanging Pendant

Hang it! When you lack vertical space to stick the lights side by side, this is the best alternative method. Moreover, you will be easier to set the arrangements until you get the lighting you dream of.

Hanging Round Pendant Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Armed LED Stick Lighting

Shaped like most image lighting but it emits two-way light, stick lighting is efficient at reducing shadows around your vanity. Its sleek and futuristic shape with transparent handles adds modern flair to whatever the style of the bathroom.

LED Stick Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Swing Arm Wall Lighting

It’s easier to direct the light to the spot you want without taking up any floor space.

Swing Arm Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Double Sconces

Why one sconces when you can have two? Double the amount to amplify the beam of light. A pair of mid-century twin sconces perfectly illuminates while beautifying your double mirror vanity.

Black Pendant Sign Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Modern Barn Lighting

Although the barn lighting is a breakdown that is synonymous with farmhouse style, there is no limit to placing it in a bathroom with any theme. Today, combining the two themes is a trend, see there is a lot of inspiration about the modern-farmhouse style, or modern mid-century style that’s increasingly in demand. Adding barn lighting as a detail to a modern bathroom is a brilliant way to make it inviting and enchanting.

Modern Barn Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Brass Pillar Lighting

Its brass frame brings elegance while a white pillar-shaped pendant strengthens the light. This pillar sconce is so universal, its color combination allows it to be incorporated into any room theme, even when you have a retro bathroom that is synonymous with pop colors.

Pillar Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Luxury Industrial Lighting

Luxury Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Hanging Wall light Fixtures

Hanging Wall Lighting For Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Candle Wall Sconces

What’s good about choosing sophisticated electrical equipment when it doesn’t make you feel better at all? In addition to cleaning, the bathroom is a space where you can refresh your body and mind. So we bring alternatives to just cold electrical fixtures; Candle sconces that emit warm light to restore your mood.

Candle Sconces Lighting For Bathroom Vanity