Stop thinking that loft bed is only designed for children. In fact, a loft bed is a really enchanting corner! In fact, they are an effective space-saving solution in an adult bedroom.

Though designed with the same purpose, the loft beds for adults has different details than the one created for children. In addition to size and features, adult loft beds come with luxury, modernity and a more compact design. In fact, some of them come with unique and elegant shapes as well as diverse functions. Here we show 20 modern loft beds for adults.

Built In Loft Beds

This is one example of how built-in loft bed becomes the solution to the increasingly pervasive space problems of urban society in modern space. Sometimes, they are magical because they are not only multifunctional but actually add another function to a room.

In some cases, you may have a spacious bedroom but still require an extra bed to share space. Multiple function rooms are the most common way to deal with the limited space that becomes a problem in urban homes.




Loft Beds with Desk

Sometimes, some sorts of loft beds come with a very special design. They combine storage cabinets, desks and of course beds. All three are the main furniture needed in any small bedroom.

Modern loft bed with desk designed to understand that today’s modern society needs more than just a bed in the bedroom. While technology is getting more sophisticated and most people are beginning to choose to work at home, they need a workspace even though there may not be more rooms that can be made a home office. That’s why an additional table will really help you to create an alternative home office in your bedroom.

There are various additional desk variants. Probably the most popular are desks or computer desks. However, it could not hurt to choose a conversation nook or other type of desk as long as it will enhance room functionality.

Loft with Home Media Center Underneath

Twin Loft Bed