Lack of space to create separate office space at home does not mean you cannot get a decent workspace. In fact, there are many ways to make a cozy workstation in the available room at home. The most practical is pinning a wall-mounted table in vertical spaces, but in the bedroom, the best way to do this is to bring a bed with desk underneath. Yes! compact yet space-savvy, the loft bed not only allows you to cluster all your needs but will also help you provide storage space, decent walking space, comfortable resting areas, and qualified workspace. Here are 15+ adorable loft beds with desk underneath ideas.

Modern Built-in Loft Bed

Served with straight lines, shiny surfaces, and customized shapes. This Loft bed with desk is the best space saver. Benjamin Marcus attached the function of a bed, a desk, as well as a wardrobe, a guarantee that there was no need for additional furniture in the bedroom. Embedding rails and stairs on the frame is enough to be a guarantee of safety.

Modern Loft Beds With Desk
benjamin marcus

Fancy And Feminine

Stop thinking that it will look like in a boring dorm room. In fact there are unlimited possibilities to make an attic bed with a table that looks like what you want. Yes! Start from something modern that is synonymous with a boy’s bedroom or something feminine that will amaze your teenage girl.

Feminine Loft Bed WIth Desk

Metal Minimalist

Lifting the bed to a higher area means you also have to have a guarantee that your safety will be fine. One way is to ensure that a loft bed uses quality material. Metal is the best choice. Besides being sturdy, metal can also be your way of showing the minimalist side of an attic bed.

Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Scandinavian Style

Filled with simplicity and functionality, loft beds with desks are also in line with most Scandinavian furniture designs. So why not then combine it to further emphasize that it is something simple, multifunctional but also stylish.

Scandinavian Loft Beds With Desk
atmosphere kitchen and bath

Low Loft Bed

Think thousands of times to buy a loft bed because you have a low roof? Let’s look back at some ideas about low attic beds. Originally designed for those who have problems with low roofs, but low attic beds can also be used for toddler bedrooms. Ensure that they do not have to struggle to climb their beds.

Low Loft Bed With Desk
Kids Only Furniture & Accessories

Conversation Nook

A table under the attic bed is not always identical to a work desk. The key is to be creative, you can use it as a conversation nook which can be used by more than one person.

Loft Beds With Conversation Desk
Louise de Miranda

Industrial Tube Bed

industrial home decor is the next big thing. Featuring raw utilitarian aesthetics, in fact it can be another way to look fancy.

Industrial Loft Bed With Desk
Landmark 24 Homes

Sleek And Stylish

Stop thinking that a loft bed with a desk needs more space than a regular bed. In fact, it is not impossible to present it in even a small space. Just needing a perfect placement for a powerful piece of furniture presents multiple functions.

Green Loft Beds WIth Desk + Wardrobe
Creative Woodwork Ltd

Full Size Loft Beds With Desk

On the other hand, choosing a full-sized attic bed when you have plenty of space available also brings its own advantages. More sleeping space, even you can create alternative work stations that are more feasible.

Full Size Loft Beds With Desk
JMorris Design

Teenage Girls Loft Beds


Feminine ELegant Loft Bed With Desk
Leslie Cotter Interiors

Transitional Typefaces


Fancy Loft Bed WIth Desk + Futon
Anouska Tamony Designs- Architecture & Interiors

Eclectic Energies


Eclectic Blue Loft Bed With Desk
Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Fun and Funky

Bring more pleasant feeling to your child’s bedroom, the loft bed with a modified slide will be a space that combines the concepts of learning and playing in one space.

Contemporary Kids Loft Bed With Desk And Slide
Raad Studio

Simple Staircase

Built-in Loft Bed With Desk Staircase