20+ Great Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

Industrial Loft Beds With Desk
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Limited space is not the only reason to bring it into your bedroom. Use loft beds with desk underneath as a great way to tidy up the bedroom, clustering all your needs in one place, and sure double the bedroom into a pleasant workspace. All of that is also true in kids bedrooms.

Be inspired to streamline your space, these 20 loft beds with desk are a good choice to start.

Modern Minimalist

Functionally, all loft beds are actually modern. But among the endless choices, there are types of loft beds with desk that look identical to minimalist straight lines, sleek design, but present a complete set of features. It’s not only allows you to sleep and work comfortably, but also makes you feel safe and provide more decent space to move.

Modern Loft Beds With Desk

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Metal Base

There are many materials and sizes available. But since your bed is lifted you must make sure that the material you choose is strong enough. Some types of wood might be suitable, but metal is a practical choice.

Twin Metal Loft Beds With Desk

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Simple Sleek

Not all loft beds are designed with a desk set underneath. This type usually gives you the flexibility to meet your own needs for work space. That way, you can actually choose the appropriate work desk. Whether it’s a compact desk with lots of features or just a floating wall mounted desk, all types should work well as long as it’s the right size.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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multiplying as a workspace doesn’t mean it has to be formal, right? Especially when it comes to kids bedrooms, make their loft beds with desk more playful with additional slides and designs that resemble decks complete with hawser. You can do this without neglecting that they need a comfortable study space, and a safe room to move and sleep.

Fun Loft Bed With Desk Underneath


In addition to getting around the space usage, you can use the staircase steps as a storage area.

Wooden Loft Beds WIth Desk & Staircase

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The more features the more functional. even more possibilities for it to look unique. See how an ordinary-looking wooden loft bed looks more versatile and well-organized with the addition of a drawer storage. Adequate space for work equipment and bedroom trinkets.


Returning to its main function to make the most of the available space, Benjamin Marcus designed the L-shaped loft bed which was suitable for occupying the corners. Built complete with wardrobe, drawers, open shelves and stairs. All your needs for a decent bedroom are fulfilled simply by utilizing a small square footage.

Corner Loft Beds With Desk Underneath


Built-In Loft Beds with Desk

This will depend on how the shape and size of your room. But by building it yourself, you will be very free to determine what features must be there and adapted to your needs and habits.

Built-in Loft Beds With Desk


Conversation Desk

be creative to take advantage of the space for amazing results and multiple functions. It doesn’t have to be rigid that the ideal workspace is something with an ergonomic chair, work desk and personal storage area. Especially when it is determined for kids study, a pair of benches with a desk in the middle is more than enough for them to learn in groups while having a conversation. Additional open wall shelves nicely replace the drawers for storage.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

Tree house

Loft beds for children and teenagers are more than just facilities. It was a place where they would spend time sleeping at least eight hours a day and studying. So why not just to build a loft bed that is shaped to resemble what is of their interest. Tree houses, teepees, or cars are amazing forms to be proud of and also present a nostalgic feeling for their parents.

Kids Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style tends to focus on clean, simple lines and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Yes it fits the main purpose of the loft bed with desk.

 Loft Beds With Desk

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All in One

There isn’t anything that should be wasteful. Multiply the functions of the stairs for storage, and the bed frame for a wardrobe and work desk. The loft bed with the desk really spoiled and made it easy for you. All things at one place.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Twins Loft Beds

This may require more available space but will be more efficient than having to build separate rooms for twins or siblings. They can share stairs to climb, but it’s fair enough to get their own private space.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Ladderlike Loft Bed

Simple, sleek, but versatile. Built like a ladder, the following loft bed allows you to get more visuals and get a more spacious atmosphere.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Full Size Loft Bed with Desk

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Utilizing vertical space becomes its own advantage to place it anywhere. Even for odd nook, the loft bed is the most space-savvy to do that.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

Sharing Space

With a particular placement of an loft bed can also be multiplied into bunk beds suitable for sharing space, both workspace and bedroom. This will actually be more flexible than the twin loft beds we have previously discussed.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Open Space Concept

Again, stop thinking that the loft bed was made to get around the small space. The proof, it would be great to be in the concept of open space. Although it looks unusual to put together a kitchen, workspace, and bedroom, there’s nothing wrong with that. Instead, it can be your way to classify the main functions of a house in one room.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath

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Sleeping Nook

This is another brilliant idea. By placing the bed in the bedroom nook, your bedroom will look like just a workspace. After all, there is no fixed standard that a desk should be placed directly below your bed. Explore more ideas and ways to make it look the way you want.

Loft Beds With Desk Underneath


Build a playground loft bed with desk in the children’s bedroom to double the space and double the fun. Let their bedroom be a cheerful place without having to sacrifice comfort for sleep and study.

Kids Loft Beds With Desk & Slide

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