5 Modern Ergonomic Office Chairs

Working from home might be a bit flexible, but it’s not a reason to ignore ergonomic office chairs. Well, you might not be as risky as those who have to sit working eight hours a day staring at a screen in the office, but office chairs aren’t always about that. Besides its features are designed to make you more comfortable, this piece of furniture is what distinguishes office from other spaces at home. And clearly, it complements your home office decor, beautifies the room while giving a statement. These 15 ergonomic office chairs are what you need to spend your time at work.

1Abba Ergonomic Office Chairs

Abba Ergonomic Office Chairs

Created by Andrés Reisinger x Reisinger Studio, one that makes Abba easy to see is the whole body wrapped in bright colors. This functional studio seat is presented in a feminine pink with wheels to make it easier for you to move to reach documents that are kept separate from the desk.

2SILQ Aesthetic Office Chairs

SILQ Ergonomic Office Chairs

Come with a futuristic but organic form so you can finish work with a pleasant mood. When you sit and lie down, SILQ responds to your body’s natural movements, making you feel like you are a part of it.

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3Taper Herman Miller Chairs

Taper Ergonomic Office Chairs

Taper combines Herman Miller depth of knowledge in ergonomics with a fine-crafted feel that is unmistakably.

4Mirra 2 – Ergonomic Office Chairs

Another type of futuristic chair made by Herman Miller. The windy backrest makes your back don’t heat up quickly, while the adjustable armrests allow you to get the best hand position to reach the mouse and keyboard. Wrapped in bright turquoise colors, this chair also presents a pleasant cheerful atmosphere in your home office.

5Capisco – Unusual Office Chairs

Capisco - Ergonomic Office Chairs

Behind its unusual shape, Capisco allows you to feel comfortable in a number of different positions. The backrest is integrated with the armrest so that when you sit in a flipped position it is still ideal to sit on.