15 Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas

Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas

Adding color is a great way to change things in the kitchen – or go to a modern style without the hassle of renovating. Really!, It’s not just about how the kitchen looks, some of the right tones are effective for adding modern flair to the kitchen without having to spend a lot in futuristic kitchen trinkets that are expensive. Here are 15 modern kitchen colors scheme ideas and things that should be done to coloring a modern kitchen.

Black & White

Starting from the easiest, go with a contrasting black and white mixture. A combination of neutral colors which is always identified with modernity. At the same time, a great mix for a timeless look.

Black & White Modern Kitchen Colors Paint Ideas
black and white kitchen color scheme

Glossy White + Wood

Offering a distinctive futuristic look, nothing can ever replace glossy white for a modern style. Additional wood tones as an accent make your kitchen look more lively and inviting.

Modern Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas
source: Instagram

Off White + Red

Never be afraid to use striking colors. Red, yellow or green can be amazing when you do the right placement, the right color combination and the supporting material.

Modern Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas
off white + red kitchen colors source: Instagram

Ocean Blue

The ocean blue color is perfect to complete the beach theme kitchen. Its bright characteristics make it look both modern and eye-catching.

Coral + Grey

Coral tone is at the peak of this 2019 trend. So why not take inspiration from these natural colors for a unique modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas
coral kitchen source: Instagram


It is difficult to unite peach and green pine in a two-tones kitchen cabinet. But, there are always many ways to bring your favorite colors into the kitchen. Use green as the main color of the cabinet and peach for the wall color, bridging the two using a neutral mosaic backsplash.

Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas
peach and green kitchen colors ideas source: Instagram

Lime Green

Get inspiration from what is usually around the kitchen. The color of fruits or vegetables, lime green, apple red, or yellow paprika is great for a modern thematic kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas
Lime green modern kitchen colors source: Instagram

Indian Red

unique backsplash tile patterns in black and white tones are increasingly seeming to allow the Indian red cabinet to become a focal point. Black and white tend to be neutral, making it easy for you when you have to add your favorite unique colors to the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas
indian red kitchen colors: Instagram

Gold Tone

Besides being elegant and luxurious, gold is also modern. The tone that shows money and wealth, also things of all times that are difficult to be replaced by otherwise.

Modern Kitchen Colors Scheme Ideas
gold tone for modern kitchen: Instagram


Orange Pop

Fresh and uplifting. It is more than just modern, orange makes prep-work more fun and passionate.

Modern Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas
orange pop modern kitchen ideas: Instagram

Mint Green

Its characteristics resemble the modern style which tends to come with a slightly cool and sleek look. It is easy to add a touch of modernity to any kitchen using mint green tones.

Modern Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas
mint green modern kitchen: Instagram

Light Grey

Gray is futuristic and sophisticated. Works well in almost all kitchen sizes, gray is a balanced tone to show warmth and neutrality.

Modern Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas
light grey modern kitchen: Instagram


Green jade is bold, graceful and charming. No wonder that in 2018 jade green became one of the hottest colors according to HGTV.

Modern Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas
jade green kitchen color scheme: Instagram


Similar to the gold tones, the dandelion represents luxury and fun. It’s like being directly in the bright, pleasant summer sun. Gives you a spark to work on your prep.

Modern Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas
bright dandelion yellow for modern kitchen: Instagram

Modern Kitchen Colors – Teal


Modern Kitchen Color Scheme Ideas
Teal & Pecah kitchen colors scheme: Instagram