Small Bathroom Vanity

Sometimes for some things the size doesn’t matter, the small size is actually not a limitation to present great functions. Likewise with a small bathroom vanity, don’t think it will have much impact for the entire decor. Instead, providing a small bathroom vanity is the best way to saving more space, improve placement, provide storage and clustering of all bathroom knicks in one place. Next are 15 Adorable multipurpose small bathroom vanities to complete bathroom decor.

Contemporary Chic Style

Bringing the beauty of the 20th century, softening lines and exquisite tone-on-tone colors, a contemporary vanity will suit you who not only needs them functionally but also wants to give a statement to the decoration.

Contemporary Small Bathroom Vanities
by Black Knight Group

Modern Minimalist Wood Vanity

Made of clean wood and straight lines, the following bathroom vanities are all about simplicity. But who would have thought that behind the minimalist design could be the center of the bathroom organizer.

Small Bathroom Vanities
Interior Designs by Adrienne

A Modern Rustic Vanity

Exposing natural architectural elements, modern rural style vanity displays something artful, unique, but also graceful. Not always applied to rural homes, sometimes they will be very eye-catching when seeded in a modern home.

Rustic Small Bathroom Vanities
by Spazio LA

Vintage Vanities

Wrapped in retro wood, this hovering pride is not only a great organizer but also brings a feeling of nostalgia to your home. Maximizing vertical space as a pedestal you can take advantage of the empty basement for bathroom cleaning equipment. The mirror that extends vertically also makes the bathroom look wider than the actual size.

Small Bathroom Vanities
by c3d design

Tenaciously Teal

Sometimes, the bathroom is not only used for bathing, it can be a very private place where you can relax or restore your mood after tiring days. Therefore your bathroom decor becomes a place that is so pleasant. One of the many ways is to present teal colored vanities that are used as a focal point so that the bathroom becomes bright and never boring to be a place to kill your afternoon.

Small Bathroom Vanities
by Alair Homes Decatur

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

 Small Bathroom Vanity

Flippin’ Rustic

Gloss And Glow

In addition to being easy to clean, the shiny surface also reflects light so the room becomes brighter and the bathrooms that are usually built for small sizes will look more spacious. Use accent colors on the surface to keep away the monotonous look.

Glossy Modern Small Bathroom Vanities
by De Meza + Architecture

Fully Futuristic

Built on one foot but has 2 levels of surface, this small futuristic bathroom vanity presents a stunningly different form to use as a focal point. The unique shape can be your way to bring something brand new that refreshes the entire bathroom decor.

Small Bathroom Vanities
Hillstar Construction Services

Fine Floating Vanity

Small Wood Bathroom Vanities
Alix Helps Interiors

Japanese Asian-inspired Vanity


Haitani Design

Modern Two-Tone Vanity

Embedding bright pop colors into a practical monochrome bathroom will attract the eyes of anyone who comes. It is enough to use a single sink, while the large number of storage containers allows you to organize bathroom fixtures neatly. On the remaining surface you can add other accents, a flower vase or pleasant photos.

PACS Architecture

Peaceful Peace


Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity

Lori Dubrow Design

Beach Style Vanity

Beach Style Small Bathroom Vanity
Peter McDonald Architect & Photo Credit: Michael J Lee

Antique Cooper Small Bathroom Vanity

Antique Small Bathroom Vanity
Native Trails

Marble With Gold

Take advantage of your bathroom niche for something elegant and luxurious. The bathroom vanity with a mixture of marble and gold tones will help the bathroom decor look better.

Elegant Gold Small Bathroom Vanity