Using vertical space, bring the natural feels inside by presenting wood wall art that are available in unlimited shapes, styles and patterns. Take advantage of the chemical properties of wood that tend to be complicated and unique to make something different that can captivate the eyes of everyone who passes it. Here are 12 stunning wooden wall art ideas:

World Maps Rustic Wood Wall Art

The world map is a beautiful object but at the same time it can also give a statement about your character which is full of goals, always directed and broad-minded. Applied to a rustic-themed wood wall art, it is the right choice to bring an earthy yet elegant vibes to the room.

Rustic Wood Wall Art World Map
by Екатерина Зорина

Waves Wall Accents

In bathrooms that are mostly designed in small sizes, the wave-accented wooden wall accents will really help to illuminate the space as if there is more that you have than the actual size.

Wood Wall Art - Bathroom Wall Accents
DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Unique Storage Doors

In fact wall art does not always have to be something framed or carved. Invest wood art into furniture that you want to focus on. A storage place with wooden wall art doors will certainly have more value than the storage left open. Decorally, it will also look more unique and stylish.

Wood Wall Art Storage Doors
By AREA Handelsgesellschaft mbH – Linz OÖ

Winter Winds

Dismissing that wood tends to be warm and earthy, wooden wall art made from scrap wood which is then painted using the following winter palette colors is the right choice to bring a focal point that looks cool and beautiful to any room.

World Map Wood Wall Art Rustic
By Екатерина Зорина


Sunsets are always fun. Capture it on a wooden wall art and bring a pleasant twilight atmosphere into the room.

Sunset Wood Wall Art

Hexagonal Storage

Today’s hexagonal shape is a trend, use it as an inspiration to make wall art. Add storage features to make your vertical space more useful.

Reclaimed Wood Hexagonal Wall Art Shelves

Mountain Range Paper Holder

The shapes resembling natural scenery have a unique appeal. The mountain shaped wooden wall art that is added to the magazine holder feature will be very alluring and also helps you to declutter the living room.

Mountain Range Wood Wall Art

Feather-Like Wood Wall Art

Feather-like Wood Wall Art

Everlasting Life Wood Wall Art

Everlasting Life Wood Wall Art

Triangle Wood Wall Art

Triangle Geometic Wood Wall Art